The 2010 SCART season was the inaugural season of SCART which was contested over a series of nine races. It started on the 29th August 2010 and was completed on the 21st November 2010. The series consisted of eight races in the United States and one race in Hungary. It included a race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway which was only run at 125 miles instead of the 500 of the real life counterpart.

Season Summary Edit

The season was won by Andres Gutierrez who showed great consistency in finishing all but one race to take the title. This was in the days before the teams championship and so there was no teams champion.

Championship points were awarded to everyone who competed at the races in the following format: 50, 47, 45, 43, 41, 39, 37, 35. No points were ever awarded beyond eighth due to the infancy of the series and therefore small amount of drivers.

Race 1: SCART Indy 125 Edit

The opening race, fittingly for an American open-wheel series was held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on 29th August 2010. Scheduled for 50 laps, none of the five cars that took to the grid finished the race and only 43 laps were completed by the eventual winner Charlie who pulled out of the race as it seemed unnecessary to keep going round on his own. He also picked up 2 bonus points for leading the most laps.

Race 2: Grand Prix of Miami Edit

The second race of the season was held at Homestead Miami Speedway on 12th September 2010, unusually an oval for a race called a Grand Prix. This time six drivers took part and the race completed the full 80 lap distance. It was won by Andres Gutierrez in his first win in the series after he had not finished in Indy. He also picked up 2 bonus points. The pole was taken by Antonio Valdivia.

Race 3: Grand Prix of Cleveland Edit

The third race of the season was held at Burke Lakefront Airport in Cleveland on the 3rd October 2010. This was the first SCART race on a road course and was won by Andres Gutierrez who took his second win of the season. The pole had been taken by Jose Caparroso who had an engine failure during the race. Gutierrez won the race by over a minute and only two cars were on the lead lap.

Race 4: Grand Prix of Hungary Edit

The fourth race of the season was held at the Hungaroring in Budapest on 10th October 2010. It was the only race of the season to be held outside of the United States and was won by Jose Caparroso who made up for his disappointment a week earlier at Cleveland. He also took the pole position.

Race 5: Milwaukee 100 Edit

The fifth race of the season saw a return to the ovals as the drivers took to the famous Milwaukee Mile for a 100 lap race. It was the third week in a row that the drivers ran as it was held on 17th October 2010. Ben Leggett took the pole and also won the race to become the fourth different winner in the opening five races.

Race 6: Michigan 120 Edit

Race six was another oval. This time Michigan International Speedway. It was held over 120 miles and 60 laps. It was won by Juan Ignacio Abrevaya who became the fifth different winner of the season. The pole was taken by Andres Gutierrez who finished the race in third.

Race 7: Arizona 100 Edit

Race seven took place at Phoenix International Speedway. It was won by CharlesTheFirst who also took the pole. It was held over 100 laps. CharlesTheFirst became the sixth different winner in seven races.

Race 8: Gonzalo Rodriguez Memorial Race Edit

Round eight took place at Laguna Seca and was held in tribute to Gonzalo Rodriguez, a driver who lost his life in a qualifying session at Laguna Seca for the real-life counterpart CART series in 1999. The race was held over 50 laps and was won from the pole by Ignacio Aguirre, he was the seventh winner from eight races. It was also the race where Andres Gutierrez won the championship. By finishing 3rd CharlesTheFirst could no longer overhaul his points tally and Ben Leggett did not race which meant neither could he.

Race 9: Las Vegas 125 Edit

Round nine took place at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Jose Caparroso took the pole but the race was won by CharlesTheFirst who put the disappointment of not winning the championship behind him a little with his second win of the season. He was the only driver other than Andres Gutierrez to win more than one race in the season.

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